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Overcome embarrassment: like calling a masseur at your hotel

Erotic massage are the most misunderstood massages by society, since their great erotic and sexual load is still a great taboo even today.


What is a body body massage?

In an environment as stressful as modern life, it is very important to have relaxation techniques that help you maintain a healthy and happy mind.


Three reasons to enjoy erotic massage on your trip

Barcelona is a city full of activities where you can evade your worries. On the one hand, there is the beach, Barceloneta or other beaches near the city of Barcelona, ​​which will transport you to a world of relaxation.


Enjoy the whim: erotic massage directly at your Hotel

The best remedy to relieve the stresses of a long day of work or a long trip is a relaxing massage.


Rest after orgasm

After a pleasant orgasm there is an inevitable drowsiness, but why is it? This phenomenon, which helps to rest and relax our body, is linked to biochemical processes that occur in our brain when we have an orgasm and that later help when it comes to resting.


Five benefits of erotic massage for your brain

Our erotic massages are a great way to release estrogen and testosterone, the two hormones that help revitalize the body and skin. Giving yourself in a […]