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The 20th edition of the International Construction Exhibition, Barça Building Construmat, will be celebrated this year from the twenty-third to the twenty-sixth of May in the Gran Vía circuit of the Fira de Barna. In the same way as in the previous editions, in the F.C. Barcelona Building Construmat will meet the most important companies in the field and will be an ideal space to promote new business opportunities and also internationalization.
Following the serious and profound crisis that the construction industry has undergone over the last few years, it has been considered necessary to insist on everything related to innovation and digitization, seen as the promoters of good practices that will help Perform economic restoration.

The International Exhibition of Construction of Fira de Barna will occupy one thousand three hundred square meters of exhibition space, and will have stands of each and every one of the areas on the planet of construction, such as Gas Natural, Sorigué, Technal or Porcelanosa . Representatives of hotel chains, especially from Latin America, will attend this year’s hosted guests. In addition to this, there will be three thematic areas: Future Arena, where innovation will have stardom, Talks Arena, point of contention and Meetings Arena, the space that will act as a platform for business contacts, with employment discussion forum included.

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Throughout the celebration of the hall you will have many opportunities to contact and network with large businessmen, leading commercial companies and avant-garde construction. You will attend communications and conferences in which the new trends and areas of knowledge of the discipline will be presented. The Barna Construction Hall is a unique living space in Europe that you will walk through without stopping for multiple days.
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