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Barcelona is one of the destinations that you can choose to relax and enjoy. What to do in Barcelona? You can start from a romantic dinner and some first drinks at a music place. Another option is to attend a musical or theatre, continue in bars and nightclubs enjoying family and friends. This is why Barcelona is your best option.

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory July 2016. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona - ISIT 2016

Barcelona – ISIT 2016

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory Spain visit favorite tourist destination, the gateway to Europe, the Jewel of the Mediterranean, Barcelona from 10 July to 15 July 2016. This city offers multiple options and gives us a wide range of diversity and fun, a city bordering the Mediterranean and that makes us sample its rich cuisine and classical and modernist architecture.

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2016 ISIT has developed an APP for mobile that offers the most convenient tool for scheduling their attendance at IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT). You can browse the full program, learn about the talks and activities directly from your phone or tablet and create your own schedule from the comfort of your device.

Major Party of the Poble Sec

Poble Sec is one of the favorite suburb to go out for cups in Barcelona. In previous years, it was a family neighborhood, but thanks to the reputation of your tapas and social life has grown its popularity. This populous neighbourhood is located on the mountain of Montjuïc and the Paral-lel metro station, very close to the Barcelona down town, there you will find trendy bars and ancient wineries. Therefore, invite you to get into this place so crowded, to enjoy good music and concerts to air free.

Also we recommend you visit the street Blai, where you can eat excellently well, to good price and taking the opportunity of choose where like delight you of them best dishes, since there is great variety of terraces and restaurants. The party further is at mid July.

Major Party of Raval

Raval Major Party takes place in mid-July. Raval, though is often one of the most forgotten by tourists and even by its own inhabitants, during the days of the Raval neighborhood organizes several events, being the most appealing visit to the cultural heritage of the neighborhood as well as concerts. Almost all of the festive events held at the Rambla which is one area populated that it shows how a small oasis.

Cap Roig Festival Barcelona

Cap Roig Festival - Barcelona

Cap Roig Festival – Barcelona

In this festival big stars on the national scene are present, it is considered the most glamorous music event and takes place at a single site such as Peralta Castle located at the municipality spanish of the community Foral de Navarra community. If you like to enjoy good music and a nice atmosphere because you don’t attend this festival. Should be noted that the cost of their tickets is high due to the magnitude of the event. This festival is carried out from mid of July until the middle of August.

Magical Nights Barcelona

Barcelona - Magic City

Barcelona – Magic City

Casa Battló, is located in one of the most emblematic buildings, since it has a fantastic combination of colours and volumes. Noteworthy is the place where is is called island of houses known as “Apple of discord” for its different architectural styles. These magical nights become its 6th Edition with a cycle of music live with different musical styles, there you can enjoy some drinks outside on the terrace of one of the buildings most modern of Barcelona. This event takes place from 06/09/2106 until the 2016-09-24 at 21:00 pm.

Erotic Massage Barcelona

Barcelona - Erotic Massage

Barcelona – Erotic Massage

What to do in Barcelona? Then take the different options that you offered as bars, theatres, discos, concerts, restaurants and stop you have, because you need a moment where to relax your body giving you a love through a massage that will take you to pleasure and relaxation. These massages can feel them from the hand of a beautiful woman or a burly gentleman. The election will be of your preference.

For this and much more is that Barcelona will always be your best choice… visit and immerse yourself in this wonderful experience.

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