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Among the great modern evils that afflict a large part of the current population, depression and anxiety are among the most frequently mentioned conditions that tend to be very difficult to treat if experts’ recommendations are not followed. In this way, in case you have doubts about the effectiveness of a massage to cure depression, then it is clarified that they are a good tool to treat and cure depression, provided they are done in the right way.

Broadly speaking, it should be pointed out that a relaxing massage with these characteristics and this kind of objective, what it seeks is to relax the muscles of the body in order to eliminate, relieve pain or in its defect muscle tension. In most cases, the emphasis of the movements will be concentrated on the back, neck and shoulders, highlighting that these are areas that are mainly affected by incorrect postures, overloads, contractures or exposure to prolonged periods of anxiety or stress. Therefore, the goal of massage is to achieve a state of relaxation through appropriate movements.

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This type of massage differs from therapeutic massages because in this case, the focus is on preventing or curing muscular complaints, as well as injuries, thanks to the use of movements with pressure or rubbing of certain areas of the body, which must of course be applied by a physiotherapist. On the other hand, the relaxing massage can be performed by anyone, even without previous knowledge, although of course it is always better to be a person with previous experience.

On the other hand, it is highlighted the existence of another type of strategy called reflexology, which consists in that by means of a certain kind of massage in specific areas of the body, considerable benefits can be obtained in multiple senses such as solving insomnia problems and of course stress or anxiety. In turn, they have already been shown to be effective in cases of depression.

Broadly speaking, what is done with this type of technique, which is actually a massage, consists in the pressure or massage of the correct points, mainly feet, hands, knees or elbows. These zones, because this reflex is a place, act as a link with other parts of the body and it is there where they will begin to cause the effects of fighting depression or anxiety that a person may be going through in their life.

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