Barcelona has been the scene of various events that have contributed to its consolidation and development as well as its global projection. This city has been a very important centre of modernism, therefore if you want to find artistic trends and fun, you can discover them in it. When you go to Barcelona don’t find and attend events and festivities that offers you this beautiful city. Immerse yourself into the world of fun and entertainment and enjoy the most of this wonderful experience.

Gran Gala Flamenco

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Flamenco dates back to the 50’s of the 20th century, this is a mostly scenic artistic genre, is an artistic manifestation only in Andalucía. Flamenco through the years has evolved to be universal. The passion of the Gipsy people is present in scenarios with his elegant dancing and its particular style. Discover the different rhythms of flamenco at this gala. This gala will be held from 19/06/2016 until 01/01/2017.

Events in Barcelona July 2016 Beach Festival

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Beach Party 2016

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Beach Party 2016

Who dont like to relax and enjoy a day of relaxation? There are different places to linger and enjoy, one of the most popular and desired is the beach and if Barcelona can boast of something is undoubtedly the beaches. Although until the end of the twentieth century hardly could be called beaches, from the 1990s began a process of purification and cleaning of water and sand to give you a more pleasant and attractive appearance. Therefore, invite you to the Barcelona Beach Festival on 16 July 2016 where you can enjoy better music and excellent service so that you can share with your friends and family a day filled with much entertainment.

Events in Barcelona July 2016 Theatre Festival

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Theatre Festival

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Theatre Festival

The Theatre is one of the oldest ways to man. When there is no other art forms since through this was that society could expose a tone of tragedy and comedy on the basis of their everyday life. People come to identify themselves seeing the works of theater since they reflect different emotions that the spectator to identify. Barcelona offers theatre festival which will be held from 01 to 31 July, placing the tables the best artists to fill you with passion, distraction and entertainment.

Erotic massage to stimulate the skin and senses.

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Erotic Massage

Events in Barcelona July 2016, Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage full you of pleasant sensations, a massage provides physical contact with another person and seeks to awaken your senses taking you to relaxation and pleasure. In addition, erotic massage has physiological benefits for your health and beauty. Another event that offers Barcelona is enjoy erotic massage given by beautiful and sensual masseuses for male client and a some attractive Knights for female client. Although the election will be of your choice since, thinking about the diversity you can choose the option that you prefer.

We can see then that Barcelona is one of the ideal destinations for enjoying a wide variety of events that take you for a whole day of fun and relaxation to the pleasure of feeling the best sensations of pleasure and relaxation in the hands of experts and attractive masseuses or masseur.

In Out Call Massage | Events in Barcelona for the first week of July 2016

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