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Barcelona welcomes the International Fair on Logistics, a place for the international commercial exchange

Barcelona welcomes the International Fair of Logistics which creates trade ties with different operators. Therefore, it represents a perfect place for the Industries and the Customs Agents.

Spain is a strategic place, being the door of Europe that has always pointed towards the Latin American Market. However, in the last past years the tendency of the Chinese Market has remained; the Asian giant is definitely the main emerging economy of the last decades. It is estimated for 2020 that it will become the first world economy.

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Beyond Latin America and China, this International Fair on Logistics brings innovations and vanguard in the load systems, making them more efficient. Following up the Products by GPS is one of the more relevant topics of the event, but the most valuable thing for the visitors is the human contact, even though the digital communication shortens the distance. There is a moment when the human contact achieved to make the trade ties much better.

In this opportunity, the record has been broken. More than 100 companies will participate, making possible more than 1000 bilateral contacts. It is the perfect space for the national and international companies to build trade ties.

This fair gives big expectations to the attendees, specially the companies which are part of it such as: Ecros, Chupa Chups, DHL, Henkel, Barcelona Logistics, CMA CGM, Grupo Miguel, P&G and Flamagas and more…

Barcelona is a remarkable zone to the southern of Europe, especially of the Mediterranean. By Sea, by Air or by land, it is a strategic point. It is located in the midway between North Africa and the peninsular coast of Spain, with its remarkable ports. Being Valencia the most relevant, then Marcella, Gioia and others, it makes the Catalan Capital a big logistic strategy. This is one important reason to carry out this International Fair on Logistics 2016 here.

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