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Die internationale Leitveranstaltung für intelligente Städte geboren 2011 in Barcelona, die Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), ist die letzte, die die größte Ausgabe bis heute, mit der Teilnahme von 700 Städte von mehr als 120 Ländern, 670 exhibitorsdistributed in almost 20 percent more surface area – und 420 speakers.

From 14 An 16 November, the Gran Vía de Fira de Barcelona exhibition centre expects to attract more than 17,000 visitors, compared to the more than 16,600 professional visitors at the 2016 edition, which was already 30 percent more than in 2015,55 percent of them international. This is a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy to their fullest and this event combines to perfection with erotische Massagen, which assure you will be fully recovered after a hard day of work.

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With this year’s theme, Empower Cities, Empower Citizens, the event will focus on strategies to empower metropolises and their citizens through active participation, critical reflection, awareness and access to and control over important decisions and resources. Another feature that will be very important in the future is health, where we must focus our attention and money, even if that means to invest an amount that can benefit your body and mind.

For the director of the congress, Ugo Valenti,”the role that citizens will play in the near future will be crucial. Top-down municipal governance styles have disappeared forever and we need to change the relationship between city governments and their inhabitants, going one step further. Never before in history has there been so much talent and creativity concentrated in so little space. It is our responsibility to seize this opportunity and use every means to capture the full potential of these engines of progress and that is what Smart City Expo wants to do in this edition. When the day ends, the best option is to call a specialised agency and receive a healing massage.

With regard to participating companies, there are firms such as Deutsche Telekom, Engie, Huawei, Mastercard, Microsoft, Siemens, Suez and ZTE, while among the cities and countries that will also showcase their projects and initiatives at the show are Denmark, Dubai, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Holland, Israel, London, New York, Norway, Quebec, Spain and the United States.

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