The Motorcycling comes to Barcelona – MotoGP Cataluya 2016
Feel the emotion and the adrenaline of the MotoGP Cataluya 2016

The motors turn on again, the checkered flag is ready, the adrenaline starts flowing, and the high speed appears to open the MotoGP Cataluya 2016
The fight for being the winner of this championship is very hard. The four-time world champion, Marc Marquez arrives at this Gran Premi Monster Energy of Cataluya in the second place of the table, being at just 10 points from the first place, achieved by Jorge Lorenzo, born in Lerida. He feels very confident at home to reach a high-ranking position in the competition.

This MotoGP Cataluya 2016 is the seventh race of the Worl MotoGP. It will take place next Sunday, June 5, at 14:00 (Spain local time). You can enjoy this through Movistar. This TV provider will follow up the advances of the three races of this circuit and the only National TV Provider, Telecinco has the rights to broadcast this races corresponding to the grand four prizes, which are carried out in Spain´s Territory.
Be close to the fight between Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez, who in the last championship in Italy, delighted us with an exciting moment like a film´s ending, making all the attendees enjoy at the final stretch, when Lorenzo achieved to advance beyond after the drafting of Marquez, and so that Lorenzo was the first. Thanks to the photographic technology, they could have the results: the difference between them was 19 milliseconds, just 50 centimeters!!!

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In addition to the emotion and the engines of the motorcycles, The International Motorcycling Federation has promoted the environmental initiative known as KISS (Keep it Shiny & Sustainable). This MotoGP 2016 coincides with the World Environment Day. Therefore, on this 5th day of June, the emotion for the engine will be together with the environmental initiative. During three days, the attendees will learn about the sustainability of the environment and the good environmental behavior.

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