Try a Shower Experience

Erotic Shower massage

Price: 1 hour 250€

One of the most successful treatments among our clients is the erotic shower. Take advantage of the possibility of relaxing in your hotel room with a masseuse who is totally focused on your pleasure. This therapy will make you experience such a comforting feeling that you will never forget about it.

It is very convenient to be able to lie in your hotel bed after an erotic shower, as the effect of hot water and the hands of our masseuse will leave you 100% relaxed to charge the batteries so you can move on with your life.

Visit our Erotic Masseuses and check all the women we have available for you in order to relax as much as possible. We are experienced and we know how to make men enjoy, do not miss this opportunity!

Enjoy our Erotic Shower Massage

Upon your arrival, you start enjoying the city, the streets, the history and the gastronomy. This metropolis offers a lot of attractions for business, pleasure and tourism. You will feel fascinated. It is maybe something that you did not know and definitely it is something that you have to try: the well-earned and stimulating erotic massages in Barcelona our company offers with a team of beautiful, educated and professional chicks.

How does it works an Erotic Shower Massage?

If you have not ever tried those sensational massages, we give you a picture of the experience you may have. The girl will start with an erotic shower with you; giving you an opportunity to break the ice, bringing the warm water, the beauty and the eroticism of the massage therapist and then the bodies will be so close that this sensation will own the environment and a great moment will began. In the event you have not ever experienced this, it is confortable to take a shower and feel the bodies slide, while some sensations start waking up from both sides. Let that body goes over your body. Feel her skin, her erotic zones over you and you will feel a disconnection from the world for a moment.

You can continue in the shower or you can pass to a next step on the massage.

After enjoying this stimulating shower, you and she will go to a confortable room. Lie on the bed and let her skilled hands and her impressive body get closer to your body. Feel how a divine massage oil and an existing smell own the environment, slide over your body and awake your sensations. These girls are professional. They are not escorts because they are really erotic massage therapists who take you to unthinkable manual stimulation limits and with incomparable techniques and seduction they will make you live an experience that a regular woman cannot do.

You do not have to be concern for anything to enjoy these massages in Barcelona. If you call 30 minutes in advance, she will be in your hotel and will be in charge of everything. You may pay with cash or credit card and if you request this service, she will bring a wire card reader for the payment without extra charges. These prices include taxi fees for the massage therapist.

I give you a suggestion as a gentleman: remember that the women are motivated by emotions. Therefore, if you are thoughtful to her, she will be nicer to you. Enjoy being a gentleman with her for a moment. You can offer her a small present, chocolate, a glass of wine, something that makes you kind and friendly. All girls like to feel important, so do not forget the friendlier you are, the better you are expected to have.

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