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Barcelona volverá a acoger una de las conferencias más importantes del mundo en el campo del cáncer de mama. A pesar de los problemas político ha experimentado en los últimos tiempos, la ciudad es un punto de referencia para la celebración de tales eventos, y the 11th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-11) will begin next Wednesday.

One in eight women will have breast cancer at some point in their lives, making it the most common cancer among women. The worldwide incidence of breast cancer is 1.7 million cases per year. A very common cancer but also one of the few that can be diagnosed early, before any symptoms are noticed. Además, the chances of cure for breast cancers detected in their early stages are almost 100%.

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The importance of research into cancer

That’s why research and fundraising are so important to continue researching what causes breast cancer and how it can be diagnosed early and even prevented. To this end, the European Breast Cancer Conference will be held in Barcelona from March 21s to 23th. De esta manera, cancer specialists from around the world come together for a few days to discuss the best ways to combat a disease so feared by women.

Any excuse is good to visit Barcelona. Además de la importancia de esta conferencia y las muchas atracciones turísticas que la ciudad tiene, es el momento más adecuado para contratar un masaje erótico que te hace olvidar el estrés y la presión de la vida cotidiana. Si cree que medicina puede aliviar el estrés, te equivocas muy mucho. Son sólo un paliativo, pero no lo cura como puede hacer un masaje, que te confortará físicamente y mentalmente para que usted puede renovar su fuerza y presta mucha atención a todo lo relacionado con el cáncer de mama.

Breast cancer occurs when cells of the glandular epithelium reproduce uncontrollably and very quickly. These cancer cells can travel through the blood and lymph vessels and reach other parts of the body, where they can attach to organs and form metastases. Your chances of getting breast cancer can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, avoiding overweight and obesity, and regularly drinking alcohol.

Undoubtedly, a healthy lifestyle with healthy practices is the best recipe for avoiding this disease, which also affects some men. We therefore recommend that you book a massage to make your stay at the hotel as pleasant as possible. When you travel to a conference like this, it’s normal to want to make the most of every second, but for that you have to be in top condition and a relaxing massage is the best treatment you can get.

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