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Bu yıl iki bin ve on altı kadar uluslararası araç adil ve Barna olmuştu bir yenilenir, Geleceğin açık bir bahis yapmak ve otomobil Barna olma, that is celebrated of the eleven to the twenty-May of May in the circuit Montjuïc of the Fira of Barna.

In a clear commitment to technology, talent and innovation, Barna, which is now Mobile World Capital, wanted to take more there also this hall, which is similar to the rest celebrated in the city, such as Mobile World Congress or Well the Smart City Expo World Congress. It is for this reason that after more than one hundred years of history, it has been transformed to unite the new technologies and with a clear purpose: to be an incontrovertible world reference in the automotive field.

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The Automobile Barna will celebrate 2 interconnected events: the Connected Hub and the Motorshow, a unique proposal on the planet and an ideal setting to present, teach and know each and every one of the innovations of the field.

Although there will be specific days for professionals, there will also be others in which the general public can access the circuit to enjoy the Hall. If to this fact we add the duration of the event (it is one of the largest rooms in time, since it lasts ten days), it is obvious that it will be a room that requires great dedication and work by the exhibitors and the Participating companies. The Automobile Barna will involve making contacts, working hard and spending many hours a day at the Fira de Barna.
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