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Sonra geçen yılın edition 23, Toplam on bin beş yüz ziyaretçi her ülkeden ve Jean-Miche Jarre gibi ünlü sanatçılarla kapalı, Richie Hawting veya oluklu, comes the long awaited Sónar Barna two thousand and seventeen. Sónar attendees, after a year of waiting, will finally be able to enjoy their favorite artists and they will live exciting days.
This international festival of music arrives in Barna on the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth of June, the site chosen: the Fira de Montjuïc (Avinguda Rius i Taulet, s / n), for its day edition and the Fira Gran Vía LHospitalet (Av. Joan Carles I, s / n), for the night edition. As it could not be otherwise the poster of the current year is full of shows, well-known artists and exhibitions of the planet of technology.
The participants will be able to enjoy more than one hundred and fifty shows by Justice, Soulwax, Moderat, Eric Prydz, Vitalic, Nina Kraviz, Chasmere, among many other personalities on the planet of music. As a novelty Björk brings to the festival attendees an exhibition of Virtual reality to be given at the CCCB and conferences at Sónar + D aimed at professionals in the field. The conferences will be held on the fourteenth day of June, one day before the beginning of the festival.

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