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The main characteristic of the nuru massage is that the therapist uses the sensuality of her whole body to make the client relax completely. This therapy is administered with oil in the masseur to help everything flow.

An experienced masseuse can provoke unparalleled sensations, so clients are completely satisfied and often repeat. After all, men need to be cared for from head to toe and there is no better way to do that than by scrubbing a woman’s naked body.

Do you want an erotic massage?

What is nuru massage?

First of all, nuru massage has as its main objective to connect all levels with the man. It seeks to return to the simplicity of the primitive to awaken the lower instincts. Sometimes we forget that we are animals and that for us sex is a way to disconnect from problems and give free rein to carnal passions.

Our therapists are specialized in nuru massage and know how to adjust their movements to the rhythm that best suits you. Without a doubt, amplifying to the maximum your sensation of comfort is one of our obligations, so we connect with the needs of the client from the first second and seek to interact in a beneficial way to enhance the benefits of this treatment.

A good way to get started in this kind of massage is to turn to a professional therapist. Contact us and we will come to where you are to put into practice the principles of nuru massage. Without a doubt, the nuru massage is one of the stars of our wide range of possibilities, and from here we encourage you to try them.

The effectiveness of a massage with a great tradition

For centuries the most characteristic techniques of the nuru massage have been used. It is a very effective way of manipulating tension points and minimizing stress. We always say that you have to know when to stop and dedicate a little time to yourself, or else the general state of health will suffer.

There are those who only see erotic massage as a sexual practice. While it helps greatly to improve that aspect of your life, we can not forget the impact on our overall health and mood. After all, the restrictions and frustrations in sex affect us in other sections and we must keep it very much in mind if we realize that something is wrong. In the same way that we go to the doctor when something hurts, we should go to the erotic masseuse if our sexual satisfaction is not total.

It has already been shown that the massage nuru has a very positive effect on the male body, so we recommend that you contact us and reserve an hour now. The hands of our therapists are ready to work their magic and take you back to a state of tranquility and total relaxation.

If you do not know which one to decide, you can request more information through our contact form or by calling +34 666 930 802.

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